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Business Directory

These sites provide information about businesses throughout Charnwood. For a wider selection of local businesses a county-wide directory of about 9000 businesses is available from Leicestershire County Council (tel. 0116 267320) at a cost of 50.00 (25.00 for companies listed).

  • Loughborough Advanced Technology Initiative

    Loughborough Advanced Technology Initiative has been successfully driving growth and innovation for high-tech companies and organisations in the Loughborough and North Leicestershire area since 1997.

  • Loughborough Chamber of Trade & Commerce

    Loughborough Chamber of Trade & Commerce actively leads and promotes the development of an enterprising and successful business community within the Borough of Charnwood.

  • Retail Services
  • This website is a collaboration between Leicestershire County Council, Leicester City Council, Business Link Leics., Learning & Skills Council Leics. and Leics. Chamber of Commerce. It allows you to search and target specific business.



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